Corporate lighting for the enterprise

If you need clean executive lighting for a shop floor, company courtyard, foyer or lobby

Fun time lighting!

Are you thinking of throwing a street party? I can deliver lighting fast!

Specialised Lighting for Private Spaces

Do you have a studio or club that you want to enhance with mood lighting?

What is light environment design?

It is the process of identifying the mood or moods that you want to exhibit within a certain space, whether you want to induce feelings of calm, excitement or emotion.

How do I enact the process?

I work closely with my clients to decide on the feel they want and then analyse the lighting requirement for a space, whether it's for a corporate space such as an office or shop floor, a private party or club or a public event.

How can it benefit my business?

Producing a good lighting aesthetic can have a subtle but profound impact on your clients and customers if you are a business, it can make them feel much more welcome or relaxed

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Working with interior designers

An interior designer might want a lighting specialist to work with them on a project, I can provide the skills and technology to enable them to realise a design in light